“I don’t get it. What’s the point of this blogging nonsense? Are your readers suggesting money-saving ideas or something?”

“Well, no Dad, that’s not really the point. Although now that you mention it…”

Share your ideas with me, please!
What are your best money-saving methods? Where should I cut back next?

Leave your comments below, and I’ll see if I can take up your ideas, and add them to my “90 ways…” page.

Thanks xxx


7 thoughts on “Help!!

  1. Grow your own herbs – you can buy bargain packets of seeds (I found 4 packs for a pound in a clearance book shop) and grew loads!
    Sell your clutter on Ebay
    Sell your used books through Amazon – no sale no charge (which is very small anyhow!)
    Get all the basic groceries like sugar and flour from a cheaper supermaket and bulk buy with a friend to split the goods/price
    Work in a tax free country … like Kuwait! šŸ™‚ – also cheaper because there is no alcohol here, so no drinking and petrol is about 12p a litre!

  2. Hi! I’ve got a few more food-related ideas. Bring a packed lunch to work instead of buying lunch out, even better if you can reuse the food you ate for dinner the night before (for example bringing in the leftover pasta from yesterday’s dinner!). Also I’ve found that making soup goes a really long way and it’s cheap and easy to do. I’ve made it before and frozen the leftovers into portions, and it has lasted at least 3 more meals. There are also lots of flavours you can try to make it more interesting. Making a lot of food and freezing it really works. Other good freezable meals are spaghetti bolognese (making a lot of the sauce and freezing it), and chilli con carne. Buying a pizza base cheap and topping it with your own ingredients is also a lot cheaper! Also freeze half the loaf of bread to make it last longer instead of it going stale before you can finish it.
    Not buying brand names when you go grocery shopping can save you a lot if you can get out of the habit. Shopping in Primark is also really cost-effective and it has some nice stuff! I also agree that if you have any unwanted books you can sell them on Amazon, I made about Ā£20 this summer doing that, OK, it’s not much but every little helps! If you have any unwanted clothes, why not invite friends around to see if they’d like any and ask for a donation? It’s a bit cheeky I suppose, but better than just throwing them out!
    I hope this has given you some ideas! If I think of any more I’ll let you know! Good luck with your challenge! I’m really enjoying the blog so far!

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