Oh no, I’ve run out of money!

Follow me on my journey from debt to dough, from credit to cash, from Weak-willed Wally to Wonder Woman… (you get the idea)…

Every day, I’ll let you know what went well, and what went not so well, as I save enough money to pay off my debts, and hopefully even put something aside for that rainy day everyone talks about.
(By the way, does anyone know when this particularly wet period will be? Maybe we’d save the British economy if everyone suddenly decided that this was THE rainy day we’d all been waiting for, and stormed the High Street. Just a thought).

Yeah, alright, I’ve been a spoilt rich-kid brat. My own Mum is ashamed, and regularly reminds me of my materiality. I reckon my Dad once considered having me sectioned for shopaholicism (sp?).
But, really, it’s about what I do now to change that counts. So, in a way, this is not just a path to a better bank account, but a better me. Aww, sweet.

Thanks for reading,


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! I recently (october 1st) started my money saving journey, which means for me not buying any clothes nor make-up for 3 months. (which resulted in me buying a pair of sneakers at the first day because I desperately needed them…) anyway I just read your entire blog and I think it’s awesome and inspired me to also try to cut back on other things (such as books and DVDs) so thank you for this awesome website and good luck on your money saving journey!

    • Thanks LifeLoveKorea, I really appreciate your comment.
      I love writing, and hate having to cut back, so combining the two is making the whole experience slightly more bearable.

      The thing I’ve learned is that so many people struggle to budget, but nobody likes to talk about it, so everyone feels like they’re struggling all alone…

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