90 ways in 90 days

And this is how I do it…

1) using cheap cleanser and cotton wool instead of facial wipes

2) looking out for the about to go out-of-date food in the supermarket for that evening’s meal

3) mixing in porridge oats with fruit and nut muesli to make it go further
4) storing a box of cereal bars in my locker at work instead of buying cake at the cafe
5) signing up to the library instead of buying books

6) searching out a voucher for a cheaper haircut

7) getting a theatre ticket for a seat where you can’t actually see the stage


8) always packing my sports water bottle instead of buying bottled water


9) saving on supermarket costs by raiding the store cupboard for nutritious ingredients!


10) live in a hotel for two weeks, at work’s expense.

11) selling on unused tickets (hopefully for a profit!)

12) write a shopping list – and stick to it!

13) make a packed lunch

14) upcycle furniture instead of buying anything new

15) selling unwanted possessions online (or at a car boot sale)




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