Shopping List (Week 2)

Meal Plan:

Breakfast Packed Lunch Dinner
Saturday Muesli Pret Lemon Chicken & CousCous
Sunday Muesli Cheese Sandwich Salmon, pesto and noodles
Monday Toast  Salmon, Pasta and Pesto Chicken and Coconut Curry (N1)
Tuesday Toast Chicken and Coconut Curry (N1) Pesto Salmon with Roasted Tomatoes & Potatoes (N2)
Wednesday Toast Pesto Salmon with Roasted Tomatoes & Potatoes (N2) Vegetable Risotto (N3)
Thursday Muesli Vegetable Risotto (N3) Ciabatta Pizza (N4)
Friday Muesli Ciabatta Pizza (N4) Store Cupboard Meal

Shopping List

 Item  Price
Large Onions (loose)

Mozzarella, Basics 125g

British Skimmed Milk 568ml (1pint)

Tomato Puree, Double Concentrate 200g

Loose New Potatoes Taste the Difference

Mushrooms, Basics 400g

Stonebaked Ciabatta Loaf

Nutella Chocolate Spread 200g

Cherry Tomatoes On The Vine 225g

Classic Italian Pesto Sauce 190g

Pesto, Red 190g

Reduced Fat Coconut Milk 400ml

Jacob’s Creek Semillon Chardonnay 18.7cl

Responsibly Sourced Scottish Salmon Fillet x2 240g

 Bread  £1.50

Total: £19.34



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