Day 75: Coppers

Not that kind of copper. . .

On Saturday I picked up my Tardis money box (okay, it WAS my little sister’s, before she upgraded to a pin-code locked one) and took it to the supermarket. Before I left the house I emptied all my coat pockets and coin purses of small change. I even stuck my hand through the ripped lining of my handbag and pulled up some silver. Even those little storage spaces in my car yielded a couple of coins.

It took a while to tip them all into the machine, but when I’d finished I had a voucher for £37.27. Pretty good, huh?

I paid in an old cheque, a tenner I’d found in a pocket in a rarely-used bag and the change I’d poured into the counter. Altogether I had £76.37. Wow. Given I’d had a minus number in my account, money that I hadn’t noticed not having suddenly transformed my finances.

So how about running your fingers down the back of the sofa? You might have enough to set up your own arcade attraction. . .


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