Day 21: Merry Christmas and a Happy… September!

My family has a rule: no presents for adults. This works in my favour. Firstly, my parents and grandparents haven’t noticed that I’m a few years north of the start of adulthood. Secondly, the majority of my family are over eighteen, so I get off pretty lightly.

So, you may wonder, why on earth am I writing about Christmas in mid-September? Well, keeping in mind my self-imposed penury, when I spotted a bargain that would make the perfect Christmas present for my under-5 cousins, I lunged.

I’m trying to buy nothing but nourishment. Obviously other irritations come into the picture; petrol, travelcard, rent, heating, council tax, bla bla bla. Christmas presents weren’t part of the plan. However, I took a utilitarian, long-term approach, and decided that snapping up a steal would put me up in cash-terms over the next few months.

Another lesson learned. Buying nothing but nourishment is a fabulous notion. In practice, of course, it’s not feasible. Buying a non-essential item for a day 3 months in the future might seem profligate, but if it saves me money at some point, it’s a no-brainer.

Merry Christmas to you all, and a happy September!


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