Day 19: Changing Rooms (III)

My DIY project begins!

I was so impatient to splash paint all over the place, but I have managed to restrain myself…

Here is the desk as I inherited it:

You can see the removable rectangle in the middle for a sewing machine to slot into.

This is the front:

a false drawer with round, brass handles.

The first task was to clean and prime the wood for painting. Without this, the porous wood would quickly absorb the paint, leaving it cracked and scruffy very quickly.

I mixed up 3 parts clear varnish to 1 part water, and painted on the milky mixture. At first I was a bit worried, because it looked quite white and streaky. The instructions said this would turn clear, though, so I persevered…

I cut off the bottom of a couple of water bottles to create paint pots to mix my varnish.

While the varnish dried, I couldn’t resist taking a quick peek at the paint colours again:


I also bought new handles online for the front of the desk, to match my bedroom’s colour scheme, which I think are absolutely gorgeous! :

Now, in true ShopaholicCutsBack-style, for the total cost. Drum roll, please . . .

Desk:                                             FREE (With thanks to Gran and Grandad)

Primer/varnish:                      £10.49

Paints:                                         £7.00

Handles:                                     £8.60 (inc P&P)

Total:                                          £26.09

Fortunately I already had paint brushes, paint tray, masking tape and white spirit leftover from when I painted my bedroom, last year. That meant I just had to buy primer/varnish, paint and the new handles.

When compared to buying a similar quality/style of desk on the open market, I’ve saved a huge amount of money. Plus, I’ve ended up with a piece of furniture that I’ve played a part in making my own. Also, it will perfectly match the accessories already in my bedroom.

I’m off to bed now, leaving the varnish to dry. Tomorrow I’ll get to see how it looks once the colours are on. . .

Come back to my blog tomorrow if you’re as impatient as I am to see it!



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