Day 3: Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday


What’s a girl to do without any money on a Friday night?

Ordinarily, I’d be visualising a large glass of a full-bodied, fruity red, perhaps a meal out with friends. Tonight, though, I’m looking forward to the intellectual woman’s eye-candy: Benedict Cumberbatch in Parade’s End.


So, it’s the first Friday since payday, and I’m doing alright on the “discretionary” spending so far.

Rent and bills come to £735.42 (down from £885 now that I’m moving into a smaller room), and I’ve also had to renew my parking permit this week, which cost £65 for a year. Dress down Friday is a compulsory two quid, and I donated a miserly £10 for a relative’s marathon trek.

The first non-selfish impact of this cut-back: I feel awful giving so little when I have been so generously supported for the sponsored activities I’ve done for charity. Hopefully I’ll be able to top-up my donation some day.

The only other thing I’ve bought is tea (of course) and food for dinner.

A good start, but how hard will it be to keep it up for 90 days…?

Have a great weekend,



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