Shopping List (Week 1)

Week 1 of Meal Planning

Shopping List:

Fairtrade Bananas 2           0.21
Garlic 1           0.30
Lemon 1           0.30
Cous Cous 500g           0.69
British Fresh Milk, Skimmed 2 pints           0.89
Mushrooms, Basics 400g           0.97
Stir Fry, Basics 700g           1.00
Bread, Medium 800g           1.25
Steamed Basmati Plain Rice 250g           1.59
Red Leicester 250g           1.75
Clementines 6           1.89
Ready To Roast Mediterranean Vegetables Drizzled With Olive Oil 400g           2.00
Asparagus Tips 125g           2.00
Red & White Seedless Grapes 500g           2.25
Medium Egg Noodles 375g           3.28
Muesli Fruit & Nut 1.5kg           3.95
Responsibly Sourced Scottish Salmon Fillet x 2 240g           4.00
British Quick Cook Chicken Breast Steaks 440g           4.00

Total: £32.32

Weekly saving compared to eating lunch out/ready meals for dinner: £8.50

Meal Planner:

Breakfast Packed Lunch Dinner
Saturday Muesli Cheese Sandwich At Gran and Grandad’s
Sunday Toast Tuna Sandwich Chicken, asparagus and rice
Monday Muesli & Banana Chicken, asparagus and rice Salmon & Noodle, Veg Stir-fry
Tuesday Toast Salmon & Noodle, Veg Stir-fry Roasted Vegetable Pasta
Wednesday Muesli Roasted Vegetable Pasta Lemon Chicken & Noodles
Thursday Toast Lemon Chicken & Noodles Vegetable Casserole
Friday Muesli & Banana Vegetable Casserole Garlic & Mushroom Chicken & Couscous

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